About us

Louder Than DNA is a t-shirt company founded in January 2017 by a foster mom who has loved on over 12 kids in her home. She began using the hashtag #loveislouderthandna to document her foster care journey on Instagram. At the adoption of one of her foster daughters, she decided to make that hashtag into a shirt for her family and friends to wear. They received so much attention at the adoption ceremony that she decided to make shirts for other families like hers.

What makes Louder Than DNA special is the fact that they donate a percentage of every sale to foster care organizations and orphanages. Every month, Louder Than DNA features a different organization on social media. That organization receives the donations at the end of the month. The first 2 months in business, Louder Than DNA donated over $1000 to foster care support.

Psalm 10:17

 You, Lord, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry


Use hashtag #LoveIsLouderThanDNA on Instagram & Facebook to be featured